The real truce for us will be Ukraine’s victory: His Beatitude Sviatoslav

Tuesday, 12 April 2022, 19:01
For Ukrainians, the real truce will happen when Ukraine is victorious, when we drive out the occupier. This was stated by His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the UGCC, during a live broadcast on the Espresso TV channel.

Answering the question about the possibility of an Easter truce, His Beatitude Sviatoslav said that it would be unrealistic to expect the occupiers to have a sense of reverence for the sanctity of Eastertide, because "looking at the atrocities they committed in Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy regions, and the way they treated churches of the Moscow Patriarchate in this area, we cannot call them Christians.”

“I do not want to judge or evaluate anyone, but if actions testify to a person's faith, then we do not recognize Christian values in the actions of the occupiers,” said the Head of the UGCC.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav recalled that when in past years they had tried to declare Easter and Christmas truces in Donbass, the enemy’s side never maintained the truce.

According to him, Ukrainians must do everything possible to win Russia's war against Ukraine. “The real truce for us will be the victory of Ukraine, when we drive out the occupier. We pray and reflect on it, we live and serve for it. I believe that such a victory and such peace, -- a just peace -- will come,” the Head of the UGCC emphasized.

The UGCC Department of Information



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