Church prays and saves lives, the Head of the UGCC handed over another reanimobile to combat medics

Monday, 27 June 2022, 22:52
On Monday, June 27, in Kyiv, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the UGCC handed over an ambulance to the capital's military hospital to transport the wounded defenders of Ukraine.

The ambulance was purchased with the help of the French organization L’Œuvre d’Orient, which helps the Churches of the East. Such a car will be used by military medics while evacuating of wounded, injured and sick Ukrainian servicemen, as well as providing them with the appropriate level of medical care during evacuation measures, particularly in eastern Ukraine.

“Normally, we hear that time is money, and in our case, time is life, the life of a soldier, the life of a man. Timely medical intervention in the first minutes after injury is precious, it saves lives. We hope that this type of mobile ambulance will help to save the lives of many of our young defenders of Ukraine who today take the strikes of Russian bombs and missiles on them,” mentioned His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

After the blessing and the transfer of the reanimobile, the Head of the Church visited the wounded Ukrainian soldiers who are undergoing treatment at the capital's hospital.

Visiting them today, we saw in their faces the wounds of Ukraine, - said His Beatitude Sviatoslav after the visit, adding: Our presence here is the presence of the Mother Church, who prays but also saves, the Mother Church, who speaks on behalf of Ukrainian heroes to the whole world, and on the other hand, represents the whole world here, among them. We all must understand that defending Ukraine is a national matter, the matter of all Ukrainian people, behind whose backs stands the entire civilized world, which condemns Russian aggression.”

“Let us save lives together and we will win together!” urges the Head of the UGCC.

It is worth noting that the coordination of the car transfer process and logistics was carried by Fr. Lubomyr Yavorsky, patriarchal economist, Fr. Volodymyr Malchyn, head of Development Department of the Patriarchal Curia and Fr. Vitaliy Voyetsa, a military medical chaplain.

We remind that on June 7, 2022 the Father and Head of the UGCC handed over two ambulances to the Irpin Military Hospital of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The UGCC Department for Information


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