From the Head of the UGCC on the 204th day of the war: Even in the conditions of the horrors of war, we spread the culture of respect for God and His created world

Friday, 16 September 2022, 18:48
Let us be co-creators with our God! Let us be participants in His creative wisdom! Let us respect life and the existence of every created being and thus become the builders of a happy future day, and today we will be able to join even in such small matters to the victory of good over evil. The Father and Head of the UGCC, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, emphasized in his daily military address on the 204th day of the great, unjust war that the Russian aggressor is waging against our Motherland.

Today, the Primate began a series of reflections on man’s responsibility for the environment because, in his opinion, this is an integral part of Christian spirituality.

“We cannot take care of and adequately respect a person if we do not respect the land on which a person lives and must pass on to future generations,” he is assured.

Citing the first truth of the Church’s teaching about the environment and responsibility for it, the Archbishop stated that receiving the gift of life, intelligence and freedom, we simultaneously received a vocation for being responsible for the created world.

“Whoever despises God’s creation hates God the Creator. This responsibility, to which Christ’s Church calls us, prevents various calamities at all times. In times of war, we must be particularly sensitive to protecting all living things around us,” emphasizes the Head of the UGCC.

Today, the Patriarch appeals to fathers, mothers, teachers, and pedagogues to raise a sense of environmental responsibility in children.  “Therefore, even in the conditions of the horrors of war, let us spread a culture of respect for God and His created world.”

The UGCC Department for Information



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