New Church Church in France is opened in November

Wednesday, 16 October 2013, 13:07
November 16 not far from Paris, in the town of Senlis ( France where Queen Anne Yaroslavna lived) the doors of a new church of UGCC will be opened. Church of Saints Boris and Glib has recently been acquired by Ukrainian Eparchy of St. Volodymyr in Paris, led by Bishop Borys ( Gudziak ), president of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

On the 16th of November here the Pontifical Liturgywill be served , November 17 at the Cathedral of Notre Dame will be a memorial service for the victims of Holodomor , "We remember both  the martyrs and victims of the Holodomor. We should nurture the confidence of our future and assert our dignity - not at the expense of others, not in spite of anyone , but simply because it is true . And this truth is given to us today to survive , "- said in a blog Bishop Borys (Gudziak).

According to the President of UCU , the church of Boris and Glib in the heart of Europe , where Anna Yaroslavna came in the eleventh century" would be a relic of our ability to witness and understand that one can live with dignity and full value, effectively and victoriously , not win someone but yourself in the envelope of our Ukrainian fragile life. This is an identity of happiness and witness strength. "

As reported earlier , the church was purchased for 203,000 euros of donations of Ukrainians from Ukraine, France, Britain , the United States and Canada. The lion's share of donations was from Lviv entrepreneurs who supported by UCU in Lviv for several years: " Having arrived in Paris in late 2012 to the celebration in Notre Dame de Paris , entrepreneurs from the city  decided to make a bold move . In the country where Ukrainian as a community could not make theirl infrastructure for decades , they helped buy a temple. Dozens of adventurous people show that our community in Paris can move forward, grow and develop , "- said Bishop Boris.

According to preliminary calculations , the repair and equipping of  the church wil cost  1.5 million dollars, because for almost a century it has not been acting as a temple and was in private ownership. Also the cultural center of Anna Yaroslavna affiliated to the Church of the UGCC will be created, its goal is to represent and promote Ukrainian culture Ukrainian - European cooperation. The project includes holding  exhibitions and various cultural events . Anna Yaroslavny Center should be for the French, Ukrainians in  France, Ukrainians in Ukraine and in the diaspora the place, where  in Europe Ukrainian culture is respected and Ukrainian -European cooperation is developed.

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