Bishop Borys (Gudziak): Your advantage in moral superiority over your opponent

Monday, 09 December 2013, 20:27
The element of great disappointment, tension and fear, which has united with a colossal uplifting and mobilization, pulses in our heads, hearts, and souls.

Probably the antimony of contradictory feelings confuses everyone.   The question stands:  how should I really react to all of this?  What method will be most effective for acts of peaceful opposition?   What will lead to a real positive outcome?

Actions which demand a passionate, fervent, and patriotic protest may be successfully carried out only under certain conditions: external and internal; general and personal.  You and I cannot control the external and general circumstances but we can influence – you and me – on what is our internal readiness for effective action.  In order to reach a result, it is important to be focused, to maintain a clear view of the situation and to form a clear understanding of our role in the events that we want to influence.

For a sound, steadfast, lasting action there is a simple and well-tested recipe.  It protects one from hot-headed reactive steps or harmful aggression which brings to a disastrous violence.  In order that in our traumatized society there emerge justice, truth and peace, it is important to cultivate a deep personal tranquility – a calmness that is not passing but is deeply rooted, in that sense being radical,  goal-oriented.

I encourage everyone who is experiencing fear, confusion or disappointment to stop and focus in a quiet place: a room, a church, an empty office or a tent on the Maidan – to stop and focus and if possible to light a candle before a holy picture.  If you are not particularly religious, just try to be in a quiet surrounding by yourself.  In stopping and focusing, get control of the whole frenzy that pulses   in your thoughts, in your body, in your soul.

This exercise takes about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Let the first minute be devoted to calming yourself.  Maybe even two-three.

Following minutes – attempt to devote to a personal list of thanks.  Pick ten things from your life about which you are grateful: people (parents, children, teachers, and friends), personal talents, unforgettable experiences, enhancing events, enchanting trips, moving meetings, love affairs.   Contemplate on your treasure, received from God and people, in fact, as a gift.

It’s quite large!

This treasure is a sign of your blessing, your selectivity, your God-given dignity and value.  Precisely this God-given dignity is that unconquerable strength, the foundation of your unwavering stance and the source of the passion for a fair struggle for real, right things.

Therefore, you have calmed yourself and thanked for the gifts.

Now think about what you regret, for what do you want forgiveness from God and people: at least three (3) regrets.  In other words, do a small examination of conscience of a protestor.

Prompt – your advantage in moral superiority over your opponent.

Finally, think about what you desire the most.  Ask for this from the depth of your soul – peacefully with hope that God will hear you when you follow His will.  The One, who so generously gave us gifts, and in the next few weeks, will give us His Son as an infant, is the Giver of everything.  He desires that which you desire, in fact, maybe right now, you yearn for something which He wills – peace and happiness, justice and truth in Ukraine and throughout the world.

Try!  It is only a few minutes…

And one has to fight hard and continually

My prayer, the prayer of many, shall be with you and for you


UGCC Bishop Borys (Gudziak)

President, Ukrainian Catholic University





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