UCU launches flash mob to celebrate 60th anniversary of Bishop Borys Gudziak

Friday, 20 November 2020, 13:17
UCU is launching a flash mob to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Bishop Borys Gudziak. This was reported on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

"We invite (to join this flash mob -ed.) everyone who is inspired by the Ukrainian Catholic University to change this world for the better, help others, and dare to make small and big changes," say the organizers of the event. "We know hundreds of examples when our students, teachers, employees, friends at UCU joined social initiatives and implemented socially important projects! That's why we ask you to tell us about your experience of participating in the work of organizations that help people, or about other people whose dedicated work inspires you."

The rules of the flash mob are simple: first of all, participants are invited to tell their story: “Which social initiatives are you part of (or have joined before): as a volunteer, a donator, or, maybe, an organizer of a project that helps people and changes this world?”

“Tell your friends and pass the word about this flash mob on so that as many people as possible can participate in it. Be sure to put the hashtags, # BeGood60, # УКУ_надихає  - so we and Bishop Borys will be able to follow these stories and inspire great changes in others! We invite the UCU Alumni Association , UCU entrants, Vidlunnia, the UCU Student Government , UCUBlog, and the UCU Student Parliament to join our flash mob!” the statement reads.


Information Department of the UGCC (based on https://velychlviv.com/)



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