Head of the UGCC: The war in Ukraine shows the world that one can never call evil good, and good evil

Saturday, 26 March 2022, 11:55
You can never compromise with evil. And indifference to this question, to the need to distinguish good from evil, kills. And we see it today in our homeland. His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church emphasized this in his daily address on the 30th day of the Russian war against Ukraine

It is already the 30th day, the Primate of the UGCC noted, that the Russians are attacking and killing our people. Russian aggression is taking lives, destroying our cities and villages. Every night Russian missiles, rockets, and bombs explode over the heads of peaceful Ukrainians…

But Ukraine is defending itself! And our struggle, our steadfastness, raises many questions: "Is there such a thing today,” the bishop asks, “that is worth a man giving his life for? Is there an objective, inviolable truth that gives your life meaning? Is there really an objective unmistakable evil that must be fought against?”

In the hierarch’s opinion, in modern culture, -- which is often referred to as a culture of post-truth,-- good and evil have been mixed together. People do not see the difference between what gives life and what kills. Sometimes it seems that the will of an evil dictator lays claim to the objective truth, and the people who stand for the truth can be sentenced to death by the millions.

“The Ukrainian struggle, the war in Ukraine, poses deep moral questions to the world, which show that one can never call evil good, and good evil,” His Beatitude Sviatoslav emphasized.

That is why we say that today’s war of Russia against Ukraine has a great spiritual dimension. It is a profound confrontation between the newest manifestation of good – God's Truth, and evil -- the devil and his minions.

The primate noted that on this day, March 25, the whole world will turn its attention to Ukraine and Russia, because globally, we, together with the Holy Father, will consecrate them to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

What does that mean? "It means that it is never possible to reach an agreement, or to cooperate with the evil that is coming out of Russia today. And that is why we must pray for its conversion, for the eradication of that evil, so that it, -- as the Mother of God said in Fatima, -- does not destroy other countries, and does not become the cause of another world war. As Christians, we have a duty to pray for our enemies,” the Head of the UGCC explained.

Thus, we consecrate Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because today we really need the good to win.

The UGCC Department of Information


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