Our Church has always been and always will be the voice of Ukraine in the world, - Head of the UGCC

Friday, 04 February 2022, 23:10
The way how the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, using its potential and resources in the world, seeks support for Ukraine in the world community, at a time of threat of escalation of Russia's war against Ukraine, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Head of the UGCC explained in the interview to ZN.UA.

“Our Church has always been doing so and always will do, - the Head of the UGCC emphasized. We have always perceived ourselves as Ukraine's ambassadors to the world. Our Church, by God's providence, has gone through several stages of globalization - our faithful traveled around the world, followed by priests, monks, nuns and bishops. One of the tasks of our communities is to be the voice of Ukraine in settlements. This is a very systematic, routine work – and this is nothing new. I know it very well as I personally worked in this field when I was a bishop in Argentina, in times of gas wars and other circumstances. Argentina is a country which idolizes Russia. It is difficult to explain why Ukrainians have a different position. But we were doing it”.

At the time of the current crisis and the threat of Russian military invasion, it is extremely important to draw attention to Ukraine again, to inform about what is happening, to find the support of the civilized world. Both, the UGCC and the Catholic Church contribute to it.

“Recently, we have a number of appeals of our episcopate addressed to the world community, countries and political leaders of the countries in which they live, - said the Head of the UGCC. – The one who initiated this campaign was our Metropolitan in Brazil, addressing the Catholic Church and the whole of Brazilian society. There is an interesting text of the appeal of the episcopate in Canada, which received a wide response. The Ukrainian community in Canada has a very strong influence. The next declaration belongs to the US episcopate with feedback received from the Roman Catholic Conference in the United States.

In addition, Ukrainian and Polish bishops issued a joint statement saying that war is a crime against God, a defeat for humanity. These days we have also received a statement from the World Council of Churches which means that it is not only a position of the Catholic community but a common ground of the world religious community”.

The UGCC Department for Information


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