On the 106th day of the war the Head of the UGCC called on the international community not to buy the goods Russia looted in Ukraine

Saturday, 11 June 2022, 14:23
Today I appeal to the global community, to the conscience of people around the world: do not buy what was looted in Ukraine! Otherwise, you become accomplices in the crimes committed by the occupiers when they came to Ukrainian land. His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church said in his daily address on the 106th day of Russia's war against Ukraine.

“Today we offer prayers,” added the Primate, “for those people who have fallen into the clutches of the enemy and have no other help, no other hope than in the Lord and the Christian conscience of all people of good will.”

His Beatitude Sviatoslav noted that the situation of our civilian population in the occupied territories is tragic and deteriorating every day.

“It becomes apparent that the war Russia has started against Ukraine is colonial in its nature. They are once again trying to turn Ukraine into a colony, almost in the heart of Europe. This colonial war is accompanied by murders, rapes, robberies and, regretfully, Russia exports and sells on the international market everything that can be looted in Ukraine,” the spiritual leader said.

The Head of the Church noted that we are already experiencing the seventh day of the Missionary Decade. Today the Word of God speaks of prayer.

“Today we pray, taught by the Holy Spirit we pray together in the name of our Savior, in the name of Jesus we pray to the Father, crying out for one thing only – peace for Ukraine an end of the war. We pray for the Ukrainian Army. We pray that the Lord stop the murderous hand of our enemies, because Ukraine not only has the right to defend itself, but even our enemy has the right to be stopped so that he no longer commits crimes,” assumes His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

The UGCC Department for Information


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