In Liubech, a training was held at the Center for Social Rehabilitation of Women

Thursday, 12 September 2013, 17:53
On September 6-8, 2013, Ruslana Bezpalchoya, one of the most renowned specialists on working with women in difficult life situations, offered a training at Transformation, a Center for the Social Rehabilitation of Woman.
The center was founded in the village Liubech, Ripkyn district of the Chernihiv region, by the congregation of Saints Peter and Paul from the city of Chernihiv during 2010-11.

A person who has received punishment for a criminal act, encounters many problems.  This is true for both men and women as well as teenagers. However, it is most difficult for women.  They, sooner than other categories of prisoners, lose their social connections.  Women’s traumas are much deeper.  Their survival after release undergoes the cruelest trials.  Most often, women older than 40, simply die on the street or end up behind barbed wire, where everything seems to them more familiar or less threatening.

In July 2013, the Center joined the network of social partnership of non-profit organizations in Chernihiv region.  The well-known charitable organization Caritas-Ukraine is a partner in developing its services. Liubech village inhabitants demonstrated their good-will towards the Center and the village council offered them a space to rent.

The Liubych inhabitants volunteer at the center.  There is an increasing coordination of activities and collaboration with appropriate social services on the district and regional levels.  At present, six women are undergoing social rehabilitation.  The daily schedule includes work and prayer. The women take care of some land and an apple orchard, do handcrafts, and sometimes they  are invited to work in the forest.  Social and spiritual guidance is provided by Rev. Vitaliy, Sr. Oksana, and Sr. Mykhaila, as well as a social pedagogue, Ms. Liudmyla, a resident of Liubech (all have completed special training). Professional psychologists are invited in needed cases.  Often volunteers and private individuals donate their services.


Hierarch Konstiantyn Panteley 


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