In Kiev the Constant Synod of UGCC began working

Sunday, 08 December 2013, 16:29
Today, December 8, the Constant Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has started its work with Pontifical Liturgy in the Patriarchal Cathedral of Christ Resurrection in Kyiv.

" We begin  the Constant Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic  Church with  the Liturgy . The Constant Synod is the highest governing body of the Church in the intersynod period "- the Father and Head of the Church, His Beatitude Svyatoslav (Shevchuk).

He congratulated the members of the Constant Synod:  Bishop Volodymyr ( Viytyshyn ), the Archbishop of Ivano -Frankivsk , Bishop Ken ( Nowakiwskyi) , the Bishop of New Westminter (Canada), Bishop Yaroslav ( Pryriz) ,the  Bishop of Sambir and  Drogobych . Especially Patriarch Sviatoslav welcomed as a member of the Synod, Bishop Borys ( Gudziak ) - the  first rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Ukraine , now its president ,the  ruling bishop of St. Volodymyr diocese of Paris.

The Primate reminded that today we celebrate the memory of Pope Clement, who is honored by Christians of all denominations. On this day 50 years ago, Patriarch Joseph (Slipyi) announced to the world and the Church of the creation of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of UCU the head of the church gave the word for the gospel to Bishop Borys (Gudziak).

In his gospel to the faithful, Bishop Boris said that on this day, we gratefully remember, as the patriarch Joseph proclaimed the establishment of the Ukrainian Catholic University after St. Clement   , the Pope of Rome.

"For the first 25 years there were 50 residential students. It is now small like a mustard seed. We are small and we are not numerous. And so we have  less monetary  leverage  , but   today Christ said to the millions , to you and me ,to the millions we wrap with prayers : Don't be afraid, just believe ! "- Bishop Borys called.

He drew a parallel between the present and the times of Pope Clement, who was in exile by the Roman Empire on our land, when there were only a few Christians.

"What were the chances for him against the Roman Empire, against the Emperor, who sent Clement on the martyr 's death to our Ukrainian land, and to tell me and you  with his blood and testimony  the words of Jesus : don't be afraid, just believe , and she will raise. What were the chances for our Catacomb Church, which is represented here by the bishops, who only dared to believe, but not to be afraid. And they witnessed her resurrection "- said the preacher.

"  Dear brothers and sisters, do not doubt that there is a responsibility on us . We were given and revealed too much ,  we have seen too much in the country of the fear of toxic injury of totalitarianism, in the country where abomination of desolation  creep , where the human dignity is neglected, we  need your testimony , your faith , your prayers and your moral strength , "- said the bishop .

On the conviction of Bishop Boris, today our youth shows us faith. " You may not be fully conscious , but this spark that is sent by the Holy Spirit, this identity , which is in our spiritual DNA. This dignity is given by God and that no one dares to cross. This is the dignity that is so high, but because of human choices and whispering of the enemy of the human race, sometimes gets trampled. Sometimes the abomination of desolation is in front of our eyes. That's why the Church proclaims this gospel to you and me , "- said the bishop .

Bishop Boris reminded that almost all students of UCU are in the streets. He called not to be afraid and take these young people as an example.

 UGCC Department of Information



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