His Beatitude Sviatoslav meets with members of the Task Force for Writing UGCC Catechism for Youth

Sunday, 15 September 2013, 17:56
On September 11, 2013 in UGCC Recollection-Recreation Center in Briukhovychi, Lviv) His Beatitude Sviatoslv called together a meeting of the Task Force established by the Synod of Bishops to write a UGCC Catechism for Youth. In his remarks, he thanked the members of the working group for their “readiness to serve youth and the Church.”

The head of the Task Force, Rev. Myron Bendyk presented versions of the concepts of UGCC Catechism for Youth which had been already discussed by the group.  And His Beatitude Sviatoslav presented the understanding of the concept of this Catechism by UGCC Synod of Bishops.

The meeting participants listened to the thoughts and angles in the presentation of UGCC Primate and expressed their opinions on the creation of UGCC Catechism for Youth.  Then His Beatitude Sviatoslav asked for God’s Blessings on the participants and expressed his readiness to guide the process of the creation of the concept of UGCC Catechism for Youth.



Information provided by Nazar Duda




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