From the Head of the UGCC: Russia threatens everyone who wants to do good for Ukraine -- but do not be afraid!

Tuesday, 29 March 2022, 18:19
I am calling on all our listeners, all those who hear the voice of Ukraine, both in Ukraine and abroad: "Do not be afraid to do good! Do not let the devil intimidate you, and lead you astray from the path of Christian righteousness and universal good!” His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, said in his daily address on the 34th day of the Russian war against Ukraine.

“Today, Russia is threatening all those who want to do good for Ukraine. Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid to do good! Do not be afraid to be in solidarity with those who are suffering! The good is strong on its own, and always wins. Let us combat our fear of the devil, and it will leave us,” the spiritual leader added.

His Beatitude noted that peaceful Ukrainian towns and villages are continuing to be shaken by bombs and explosions.

“But Ukraine is standing. Ukraine is defending itself. Even more, the Ukrainian army is liberating our cities and villages, and our people amaze the whole world with their courage and ability to defend themselves. We really feel that this is a patriotic war, although a senseless and undesired one. But we are protecting and defending our people and our Homeland,” said His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

The Head of the Church noted that in these last days we have witnessed the utter devastation which the occupiers have left behind in our towns and villages, particularly after their retreat and liberation. There are not only mutilated buildings, but also mutilated human destinies, mutilated bodies of those who have been tortured and abused by their oppressors.

“People are forcibly deported to Russia,” the Primate said sorrowfully, “their passports are confiscated, temporary documents are issued, and they are taken to Sakhalin Island, the Far East of Russia, where they are not allowed to leave this place of forced exile for two years. We see that it’s just as it was in Stalin’s time, when whole nations were deported from their land; that is what they are doing on Ukrainian soil today."

The spiritual leader called on the whole world to stand up for our people, so that Ukrainians can live on their native Ukrainian soil. And that no one will ever take them into captivity, as has been done for centuries.

The UGCC Department of Information




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