From the Head of the UGCC: Let us do everything possible to save human lives in Ukraine

Wednesday, 06 April 2022, 22:15
We feel that saving human lives in Ukraine is feasible, not only because of the courage of Ukraine’s defenders, but also because of the international community’s stance, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, said in his daily address on the 42nd day of the Russian war against Ukraine.

The Primate noted that our people are heroically defending their land and displaying heroism not only by fighting on the battlefield, but also by saving lives. Last night the enemy launched another missile strike on the most vulnerable sectors of the infrastructure of Ukraine’s economy. Several chemical plants were bombed, causing tremendous environmental hazards in adjoining towns and villages.

“But we are particularly sad for those people who find themselves in the temporarily occupied territories,” His Beatitude remarked. “We know that in the Kherson region, in the south of Zaporizhia oblast, food is running out and it is no longer possible to deliver humanitarian aid there.”

Ukrainian Mariupol is holding on heroically, yet humanitarian aid has not been able to get through there, either. It is becoming increasingly difficult to evacuate people from those dangerous areas.

“These humanitarian corridors are constantly under fire and most people die during the actual evacuation. We were all touched by the story of four-year-old Sasha from the Vyshhorod district of Kyiv region, who also died during the evacuation,” the Head of the Church commented.

Human life during war… What is it worth in a person’s eyes? In God's eyes it is priceless. “We feel that saving human life in Ukraine is possible, not only because of the courage of Ukraine’s defenders, but also because of the international community’s attitude.  So let us do everything to save human life in Ukraine!” urged His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

The UGCC Department of Information 



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