From Bishop Vasyl Tuchapets at the Synod in Przemysl: We want each of our parishes to become a place where God's mercy is manifested to those in need

Wednesday, 13 July 2022, 10:28
On Monday, July 11, 2022, Bishop Vasyl Tuchapets, Head of the UGCC’s Department of Social Service, delivered a presentation on the topic “Analysis of the implementation strategy for Social Service in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church” for the UGCC Synod of Bishops.


Three elements of the strategy

Bishop Tuchapets postulated that showing mercy towards the needy is a manifestation of our love for them, and the fulfillment of the commandment of love, the greatest Christian commandment. Hence, it is important that we, as the Church, should not be indifferent or passive towards people in need, but strive to see them, and show them as much compassion as possible.   

During the working session, the bishops exchanged views on ways to serve those in need during the present Russian aggression against Ukraine. In particular, they emphasized the importance of developing the volunteer movement within the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Bishop Vasyl also brought up the question of institutional development and advanced training in the delivery of social services as another strategic element. “If our ministry is systematized, we will be able to help more people more effectively,” noted the Head of the UGCC’s Department of Social Service, emphasizing the need for each UGCC parish to have qualified persons who would be responsible for social services and initiate assistance to the needy on a local level.

Current challenges

“Today, Ukraine is in a state of war and we see that many people, especially in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, have fled their homes, being either refugees abroad or forced migrants who need assistance in the territories to which they have moved. That is why we, as the Church, must focus on such people in order to serve them,” commented the Bishop, adding: “We want each of our parishes to become a place where God's mercy is manifested to those in need.”

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