Department of Information will feature “Living Parishes”

Wednesday, 25 June 2014, 17:24
UGCC Department of information is beginning a cycle of video programs “A Living Parish”. They will transmit better practices of parish life.
The narrative will be built on the basis of the six parts of the Strategy of the Church by the Year 2020: “A living parish – the place of meeting the living Christ”: 1. God’s Word and catechization 2. Liturgy and prayer 3. Serving one’s neighbor (deaconship) 4. Leadership – the management of gifts 5. Union, communion (coynoniya) 6. Missionary spirit 7. Such a strategy was approved by UGCC Synod of Bishops held in Brazil in 2011. It is being implemented by a workgroup headed by Bishop Ken (Novakivsky). Coordinators are working on this in eparchies and exarchates. “A living parish – the place of meeting the living Christ” “The development of parish communities should be our priority,” stated UGCC Head, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, in his Pastoral Letter. “By nurturing and enlivening the parishes we are also nourishing and enlivening the whole Church.” From now on, each parish can share its positive clergy experience and the best practices in implementing programs for the development of our Church in the program “A Living Parish.” Applications for creating and completed videos one can send to: [email protected]. UGCC Department of Information

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