The teachers of benevolence for all of us are our warriors, - The Head of the UGCC on the 200th day of the war

Monday, 12 September 2022, 10:33
On Sunday, September 11, on the 200th day of the war, Ukraine rejoices in the brilliant counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the East and the liberation of the occupied Ukrainian lands, realizing at what cost this was achieved. The Father and Head of the UGCC, His Beatitude Sviatoslav reminds us of this greatest sacrifice our defenders make in the service of their people. The Primate ruminates on the virtue of benevolence and its importance in creating a healthy society and state.


“The main news of the past day was the rapid de-occupation of the cities and villages of the Kharkiv region in the context of a brilliant counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army. Important large cities were liberated: Kupyansk, Izyum, and many others,” the Head of the UGCC cites the official message of General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“However, we all understand that every liberation, every tear of the joy of our people, which appears with the approach of the Ukrainian army, is sprinkled with the blood of our liberating soldiers. And on this Sunday, we pay our respects in prayer to those who, especially these days, at the cost of their own lives, are liberating the Ukrainian land from the occupier. Today, the Ukrainian flag is becoming a symbol of peace and freedom, for which we pray to God.”

On this day, His Beatitude Sviatoslav invites us to think about an important virtue and commandment – the virtue of benevolence. Why is it so vital in human service or activity? How does it affect the lives of communities and society in general? What is benevolence in general – love of neighbor, charity, honesty, or something more?

“Benevolence is an extraordinary feature of a believer, - explains the Head of the UGCC. - It is not about a state in which a person does not see the point of making efforts in a specific matter, but about a way to love one's neighbor, to benefit those close to me. Serving the poor, the weak, the needy, the disenfranchised, the helpless is a special way of honoring the Lord, who is selfless towards us, and what will lead us to fulfillment of the commandment of love.”

The Archbishop notes that encroachment on other people’s goods: material, spiritual, intellectual – becomes the motive for the actions of even an entire state that nurtures a colonial mentality, looking for colonies to solve its internal problems. And theft becomes, as it were, the meaning of state policy.

As for corruption, adds the Primate, we have already assured that this phenomenon, which manifests at the personal, social, and state level - kills indeed. Corruption is primarily moral destruction and rotting of entire structures. We must compete not just for healthy human relations but for our healthy state community

“The teachers of this benevolence today - the Head of the Church is convinced - are our soldiers who are ready to give their lives to save from the invader, from the greedy foreigner of those people whom they have never seen and whom they know nothing about. We prayed and waited for you for half a year” - then those tears and words of gratitude are a spiritual and moral reward for our defenders for their sacrifice.”

The UGCC Department for Information


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