In Lviv Oblast, Bishop Mykhailo Koltun consecrated a parish house for IDPs

Wednesday, 10 August 2022, 21:10
On August 4, in the village of Kupichvolya, Bishop Mykhailo Koltun, Lviv Oblast, consecrated a parish house that will serve the needs of internally displaced persons.

The residents of the building received gifts from the parishioners and the Caritas-Zhovkva charitable foundation, which is of practical use in the new home.

“We have a share in the blessing when we partake together. Let this memory and blessing remain for life. Threats in our lives are caused not only by war but also by relationships. Today we see the effects of war and how it works through hatred and death. Instead, the Church encourages prayer, which helps to survive in critical moments,” mentioned bishop Mykhailo.

The UGCC Department for Information

by the materials of Sokal-Zovkva Eparchy

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