We are not gripped by great fear, as we understand - everything is in God’s hands, - bishop Stepan Meniok, exarch of Donetsk of the UGCC

Thursday, 27 January 2022, 20:40
On the Day of Prayer for Ukraine bishop Stepan Meniok, Exarch of Donetsk of the stressed UGCC in his message that the faithful of his exarchate have no fear but rely on God, pray for the Ukrainian army and ask for wisdom for politicians.

The bishop said that exarchate of Donetsk had joined the prayer for Ukraine, and indicated that the exarchate in the eastern part of Ukraine is the closest to the border with Russia. However, they are not gripped by great fear as they thrust God.

Bishop Stepan compares the current situation with the Caribbean crisis of 1962, emphasizing that the current war in Ukraine is not a local conflict at all.

The current war seems to be a local military conflict, whereas it is not because it could escalate into a world conflict. And we all understand what the consequences may be when the Third World War begins - no one will be the winner. But we hope that God’s holy providence will bring about peace in the whole world.

The UGCC Department for Information


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