UGCC Patriarchal Council gathering delegates from 57 countries to become examination of good conscience for the Church

Sunday, 23 August 2015, 17:42
The organizers of the event of outstanding significance for the Trans-Carpathian region andentire Ukraine have already presented a detailed program of the Patriarchal Council of the UGCCtitled “Live parish as a place to meet the living Christ.”The Council will be held on August 25-27 in Ivano-Frankivsk. Over 250 delegates from 57 countries will attend the Council. The Council will be chairedby Head of the UGCC Sviatoslav.

A program of this conspicuous church assemblywas made public by Secretary of the Patriarchal Council mitered archpriest Oleg Kaskiv at a press conference on August 20.

Working meetings will be held in Ivano-Frankivsk regional Music and Drama Theatre. The topics of the three days of session are as follows:“The Word of God and catechesis study. Mission spirit,” “The liturgy and prayer. Communion and unity,” “Serviceto neighbor. Support–management of gifts.”

“This session of the Council must determine our positive and negative sides, and what to do to correct our shortcomings. In fact, for two and a half years we have been preparing for this event – a kind of examination of conscience for the Church,” mitered archpriest Oleg Kaskiv said.

On the first day, August 25, the Divine Liturgy will be heldat 7.15, followed by a greeting message by Patriarch Sviatoslav, reading out of the decree and the opening of the VI session of the Patriarchal Council in the Holy Resurrection Cathedralof Ivano-Frankivsk.

The Liturgy will be followed byabreakfast and plenary sessions, official greeting of visitors and delegates, election of the counting commission;at 14.30 the press conference of Head of the UGCC His Beatitude Sviatoslav will be held on the premises of the regional Music Drama Theater.On August 25, the UGCC head will lead a memorial service for the fallen heroes of Ukraine in the Memorial parknear the Music Drama Theater.

On August 26 after Matins and Divine Liturgy there will be a breakfast, group work and reports, at 14.30 –a press conference for the media, a thematic meeting and review of a film in the regional Music Drama Theatre.

On August 27 – reports, work in groups, at 14.40 –a press conference for media, a plenary sessionat the regional Music Drama Theatre and adoption of resolutions.

At 17.30 the monument to Metropolitan Andrey will be inaugurated.

At 18.15, there will be Great Vespers with a Litia service at the Cathedral. Offering of thanks.

“Interestingly, on August 25, the first day of the Patriarchal Council, a cross procession willsetoff from the Drama Theatre to the Memorial park, because all the delegates are willing to pray for our heroes. On August 27, at 17:00, one more procession will march with flags of the countries-participants of the Council. There will be the flags of 31 countries, where we have our parishes. The route of procession – from Svobody square to Independence Square, then –to Sheptytsky square where the monument to Metropolitan Andrey will be inaugurated,” said the council secretary Fr. Oleg Kaskiv. –“As for the Council, this session it is slightly different from the previous ones,because its idea is to make it a sort of examination of conscience, to make the following conclusion–what our advantages and disadvantages are and what to do in order to be able to overcome all drawbacks. After all, our Church is scattered throughout the world and everywhere it faces challenges – mixed marriages, emigration, and waretc. Every day we will discuss various burningissues. On this occasion, I would like to ask the city residents and gueststo be sympathetic and not to create obstacles to us.”

There will be live broadcast of the events of the Patriarchal Council by the regional Galicia TV-channel and the Internet broadcast of "Zhyve TV" –the UGCC online television.

After the Patriarchal Council completes its official work, its participants and guests will go on tours ofIvano-Frankivsk, Yaremche, Coloma, Halych, Hoshiv–Yasna Hora, Natalia Paly explained to RISU.




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