UGCC organized vacation for Ukrainian children of immigrants in Hungary

Friday, 26 August 2022, 15:58
On August 15-21, a camp for Ukrainian children who temporarily moved to Hungary as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine was held on Lake Balaton.

Two hundred forty-three children took part in the camp, most of them coming from war zones. Pedagogical care for the children was provided by volunteers from the UGCC parish of the Intercession of the Mother of God in Budapest, the “New Wave” society, and the association of Ukrainian volunteers of Hungary. In the camp, the children had various interesting programs and master classes. In the camp, the children had various interesting programs and master classes.

The representative of Ukrainians in the Hungarian Parliament, Mrs. Liliana Grexa, and the State Secretary of Hungary for Minorities and Religions, Miklós Soltész, visited the participants of the camp, addressed the children with a word of support, and presented them with a book published by the “New Wave” Society. During the visit of the distinguished guests, Father Damian Haboriy led a joint prayer for Ukraine and Hungary with all the participants and thanked them for the support of the Hungarian government.

The camp was organized by the UGCC Foundation in Hungary. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the foundation has accommodated on the territory of Hungary 1,500 people, distributed social assistance to 20,000 people, accepted 300 children to study at a native school in Budapest, and organized a kindergarten in Budapest for newcomers from Ukraine, as well as sent 14 trucks of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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