UGCC Head makes a pastoral visit to Rivne and Zdolbuniv

Friday, 29 March 2013, 09:33
On March 27th, the Primate of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) as part of the pastoral visit to Lutsk Exarchate, visited Rivne and Zdolbuniv.

On March 27th, the Primate of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) as part of the pastoral visit to Lutsk Exarchate, visited Rivne and Zdolbuniv.

During the Rivne visit, His Beautitude Sviatoslav met with the city’s mayor, Volodymyr Khomka. Church Head expressed his gratitude for the possibility to meet and converse with the city administration. “Rivne area is the land of holy people. Here there is a deep cultural and educational roots,” said UGCC Primate. The major Archbishop shared plans around celebrations in Kyiv to mark  the 1025th jubilee anniversary of  the Baptism of Rus’-Ukraine and also invited all to celebrate everywhere.

His Beautitude thanked the administration for its positive attitude towards the Greek-Catholic Church.  Volodymyr Khomko pointed out the high degree of trust that the Greek-Catholics enjoy in the city and assured all of  his support in the building and social activities.

UGCC reminded that UGCC does both community as well as charitable work.  In Rivne, documents have been submitted for registration of the charitable fund  Caritas.

The meeting ended with an exchange of gifts,   His Beatitude Sviatoslav gave  the Buchach Gospel  and the Medal of His Beatitude Lubomyr.  And the Major Archbishop received an album of Rivne landscapes from the mayor.

Then the Church Head met students and faculty of the International Economic-Humanitarian University.  The meeting began with a visit to the chapel that had been built by funds donated by students and faculty.

Lent through love - the main topic of the address by UGCC Head to young people.  UGCC Father and Head wished all a fruitful time in “finding oneself.”  Then students had the possibility to pose questions to the guest, particularly on morality.  His Beatitude Sviatoslav answered that the person should  live according to God’s commandment, since this is the only way of fulfilling all moral standards. “Law makes it impossible to end up in the slavery of sin.  Be free, because the Lord frees us from slavery,” said he.

Towards the end of his stay in Rivne, His Beatitude Sviatoslav met with the congregation of St. Nicholas Church.   In his words to the community, UGCC Head emphasized the significance of the growth in faith of the apostles and the great King Volodymyr, whose heritage we inherited.

“We should be grateful for the gift of faith.  Apostle Paul states that faith is the recognition of invisible things.  Therefore in our spiritual life it is faith itself that is the most significant element which enhances the pace of growth in virtues. A person is endowed with great potential and strength, however a person is limited, and it is that faith which helps one to fly very high,” noted His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

“We should love the neighbor whom we see, since we will not be able God, whom we do not see,” summarized UGCC Primate.

In conclusion, Rev. Yevhen Ostapenko, the pastor, thanked His Beatitude Sviatoslav for his attention to the parish and wished the Head of the Church many years; March 27 marked the second anniversary of the enthronization of the Church Head.

Parishioners of the Saints Peter and Paul in the city of Zdolbyniv and iis pastor Ivan Khmil also had the opportunity to meet with his Beautitude Sviatoslav.  At the end each one received a blessing and a small icon Oranta from the hands of  UGCC Father and Head.

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