Three winners of UGCC interactive child competition are invited to a Christmas Prosfora [Brunch] with the Church Primate

Saturday, 22 December 2012, 17:57
Three children, who received the most votes from visitors to UGCC media center and the FUN Page under Facebook, will perform in January during the Christmas Prosfora and will receive a benediction from His Beatitude Sviatoslav. This was reported by Rev. Ihor Yatsiv, director of UGCC Department of Information and the head of the organizing committee of the interactive child competition O khto, khto Mykolaya liubyt? [Oh, who, who loves St. Nicholas].

According to him, all three winners come from UGCC Ternopil Metropolitan. They are: Sviatoslav Chaikivsky, 9 years old, from Pidhorne village, Ternopil oblast; Sophia Fanok, 6 years old, from Skala Podilska; Dmytro Maydanyk from Chortkiv.  The pastors of the churches where the children are parishioners will announce the winners of the competition and their invitation to the Christmas Prosfora with UGCC Head after Divine Liturgies this Sunday.

The director of UGCC Department of Information thanked all who participated in the first Church interactive child competition: “We are sincerely grateful to the children, who bravely presented their spiritual creativity to our Church communities.  We also want to thank the parents and spiritual guides of the children.  Without their cooperation and support, our competition could not have happened. And, obviously, a big thanks to all the faithful, clergy, nuns and people of goodwill who watched, cheered and voted for our young competitors.

Although competitors from Ternopil received most audience acclamation, all of Ukraine was represented.  The first brave participants were Volodia and Ivanka Poteriaiky and their cousin Bohdan Mamchur from Irpin, Kyiv oblast.  The City of Lion (Lviv) had the largest number of competitors, among whom were Marianka Holota, age 5, Sophiyka and Illia Sakvyk with their cousin Liubomyr Kharovych, Irynka Verkhivska and Jessika Mostovaya.

The town of Boryslav was represented by Yulia Folys; Tysmentsia by Halynka Romanchuk; Radekhiv by Olezhyk Terletsky.  As far as groupings in the competition, the only family duet was by Khrystynka and Solomiyka Slavych from Sosnivka, Lviv region. There were three trios in the competition.  In addition to the alredy mentioned Happy Trio from Irpen, a trio of Yurchyk, Veronika and Marta Yaniv from the vllage of  Vistovych in Sambir also sang. From Zhovkva there were Danylko, Darynka and Sophiyka Lupiy, who although they joined the competition during the last week, still came out right behind the winners in the votes – maybe because they were the youngest (all three ages added together equal only 10), maybe because of the snow which falls in the song as well as on video, maybe because of the sincerity and courage which these children possessed.  The largest group to participate in the competition was a singing group from the family-style orphanage Intercassion from Zolochiv.  Nine of them sang their song about St. Nicholas that touched the audience immensely. The ensemble from Intercession was also among the favorites.  According to the organizing committee, for their creativity, each one of over thirty children from Intercession who participated in the competition will receive a letter of thanks and a gift by mail.

Rev. Ihor Yatsiv noted that the competition O, khto, khto Mykolaya liubyt? was the organization’s first attempt in using interactive voting on UGCC internet resources.  The organizers are convinced that these kind of creative competitions to glorify God are wanted and needed since our Church is rich in talents.

According to the organizing committee the children’s competition O, khto, khto Mykolaya liubyt ? will become a good yearly tradition.  Moreover, this innovative way of using UGCC media center will have an even more expanded continuation. “Now we are planning one more – this time not a children’s – interactive competition of Church singing talents.  We will announce it in the next few weeks,”  said Rev. Ihor.

A reminder that on November 9th, UGCC media resource center, announced an interactive competition of child spiritual creativity  O, khto, khto Mykolaya liubyt? . Their ability to recite spiritual poetry and to sing spiritual songs on site was demonstrated by children up to 12 years of age.  The interactive voting for the competiton O, khto, khto Mykolaya liubyt? lasted until December 18th.  Results of the competition were based on voting registered with UGCC media center as well as Facebook by midnight of that day.  One can still watch the entries in the competition on the site and offer opinions to the performers.  Now it is no longer for the competition, but rather as a sign of gratitude to the young performers.

UGCC Department of Information


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