"The Sober Carpathian Region” saw the light for the first time

Thursday, 13 December 2012, 10:11
At the beginning of this week, the world saw the first issue of the newsletter of the sub-commission of the "For the sober life” of the UGCC Archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk - " The Sober Carpathian Region ", - this was reported in the information service of the subcommittee "For the sober life" of the UGCC Archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk.

The publication of this newsletter was an attempt of the employees of the subcommittee "For the sober life" and of all those who are not indifferent, to deliver to the Ukrainian people the truth about the fact that what was given to us by the Creator of life is worth enjoying it with dignity. And this is possible only when because of cherishing the virtues of sobriety. "This printed publication is not intended to brainwash and encourage people to the total abstinence and complete abandonment of the consumption of alcoholic beverages" - emphasizes the Chief Editor of the newsletter, adding that in fact his objective is to "help the reader "taste" the sober life, which has an immediate effect on the happiness and on the welfare of not only individuals and their families, but also on the welfare and on the prosperity of our Motherland, and our Church".

The idea that inspired the creation of newsletter consisted of delivering to as many people of the Carpathian region as possible, the Good News about the very person, its high dignity to be called the son / daughter of God and about the issue that poses a real threat to the spiritual and bodily life and health of a human.

The publication of this newsletter is also closely associated with the proclamation by the Holy Father Benedict XVI of the Year of Faith. "Deepen, rethink and live by faith in the Risen Christ is possible only for those who throughout their life maintain the greatest gifts of God, which for all of us are the free will and the sober mind "- this is what the introductory remarks of the editor contain.

The newsletter came in eight pages of newspaper format; its circulation was 2000 copies. Among the main headings there should be mentioned such as follows: "People who are indifferent on what is important”, “Summary of what is important", "This is our story or the news of the subcommittee" and "Page of Hope."



UGCC Department of Information


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