The III Youth Charity Ball has collected money for the sick children

Sunday, 02 December 2012, 12:12
On the 26th of November, the III Youth Charity Ball was taking place. This event was initiated by the Kiev Society of the Catholic-students "Obnova", with the support of the Center of Academic Chaplaincy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Charity Fund "Caritas Kyiv".

The ball was opened by the two presenters- Anna Holodnytska and Oleg Topolntskyi. The program started off with the demonstration of slow (English) waltz, which was prepared by the couples, that were trained to dance in the project of Pavlo Zagorodnov "Social Dancing".

After this, there was a staging of the fabulous musical "Mary Poppins". The main role in the performance was played by Myroslava Kozachok, who also performed some solo numbers from a famous movie. After the musical was over, the audience was entertained by the dancing couples from the project "Social Dancing", who were performing the Viennese Waltz and Quickstep.

Khrystyna Shon was performing the vocal jazz composition; Halyna Kopystenska and Dmytro Poberezhnyi were also singing for the audience. Marvelous vocal of the performers encouraged the audience to dance.

After the performance of the group consisting of three couples "Concordia", who were dancing the Slow Waltz and Tango, an arbitrary program (Rock and Roll, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot) for guests started.

At the end of the ball, organizers turned Ukrainian polka on.

The organizer Pavlo Zahorodnov related that the ball, despite the charity also enabled the youth to have some fun, and for those who prepared it - to realize their talents". Also, we ascertained ourselves that our Christian youth knows not only how to pray and attend the pilgrimage, but also how to have some good rest".

The confessor of the Kiev Society of the Catholic-students "Obnova", Fr. Volodymyr Malchyn indicated that the ball was organized only by young people. "This was their idea, their project, their time and their strength. And we blessed this event, because we do understand of how important it is for the young people to spend time nicely in good company. "Also, the priest pointed out that in addition to being entertaining, this event had a noble purpose - to help sick children.


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