The Heads of the Churches urged the newly elected parliamentarians to perform their duties fairly and honestly

Thursday, 13 December 2012, 09:52
The parliamentarians should be reminded about the responsibility which is marked in the Constitution - not only regarding the Ukrainian population, the legislators of whom you became, but also regarding God.

This was indicated in the Appeal of the representatives of the Conference of Christian Churches of Ukraine to the newly elected deputies of Ukraine, reports the Institute for Religious Freedom.

In their message to the deputies, the Heads of the Churches emphasize that being a legislator - means "to create such new laws or to fix the old ones so that it is possible to consolidate the truth with them, to maintain the good deeds and that all the evil finds the punishment for itself”.

According to them, "it will be a blessing for Ukraine when its laws become grounded on moral principles, which will derive from the law of God."

"We wish you all to be wise, in order to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and bad - because if every man strives to gain wisdom, which is a gift from God, the stronger will be the desire, to gain more wisdom, among those, who manage the population and who create its laws" – he highlights in his appeal.

Heads of Churches wished the deputies of Ukraine more wisdom, more deliberateness, more fruitful work for the benefit of Ukraine. "We raise our prayers for you and let the Great Legislator, God, help you, inspire you at work and protect you against temptations," – this was noted in the letter to parliamentarians.


This appeal was adopted on the 28th of November 2012, during the meeting of Heads of Churches, and was signed (in alphabetical order):

Volodymyr (Sabodan), the Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine, the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church;
Filaret (Denysenko), the Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus’ - Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyivan Patriarchate;
Sviatoslav (Shevchuk), the Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church;
Vyacheslav Nesteruk, the President of the All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists;
Mykhaylo Panochko, the senior bishop of the Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Ukraine;
Petro Malchuk, the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine;
Serhiy Debelynskyi, the President of the Brotherhood of Independent Churches and Missions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Ukraine;
Leonid Padun, the Senior Bishop of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church;
Vyacheslav Horpynchuk, the bishop of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church.



The Institute for Religious Freedom


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