The Head of the UGCC: Europe has probably retreated from the fundamental principles of unity and solidarity, but I am sure that this will change

Monday, 25 May 2020, 21:38
His Beatitude Sviatoslav, speaking about his visit to Germany which due to obvious reasons had been cancelled, shared his thoughts on peace in Ukraine and Europe in an English-language interview. The Primate also expressed his own vision of the current state of Europe and specified the prerequisites to address the pressing issues.

"We need to strengthen solidarity and global cooperation in order to win the battle against the virus that knows no borders, as well as against all military conflicts and wars on the European continent," said the Father and Head of the UGCC. "This is impossible if personal interests of the member states will dominate the common good."

His Beatitude believes that solidarity and global unity will not be strengthened if the international order established after the Second World War is not observed. "You can't remain silent if someone changes the map of the world around you, as tomorrow it may happen to you. The aggressor must be stopped by a collective stance for action,” said the Primate.

According to the Head of the UGCC, the current crisis related to COVID-19 has shown that Europe has retreated from the fundamental principles of unity and solidarity, but it is not too late to correct this. "I am sure that this will change," said the spiritual leader of Ukrainians.

In an interview, His Beatitude reiterated the need to preserve Ukraine's statehood in the fight against the aggressor in Donbas, since "Ukrainian statehood is a guarantee of peace in Europe" and the Ukrainian military "protect peace in Ukraine and Europe at the cost of their own lives."

In conclusion, the Head of the UGCC recalled the European choice of Ukrainians affirmed during the Revolution of Dignity: “Ukraine made a choice for the future of Europe during the Maidan, and this choice was confirmed not only by political statements and official documents, but also by the blood of people shed on the Maidan.”

 Department for Information of the UGCC







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