The clergy of Germany and Scandinavia held a meeting within Spiritual Impulse program

Sunday, 04 September 2022, 21:02
On Friday, September 2, in the Apostolic Exarchate for Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Germany and Scandinavian countries, another meeting of the clergy took place within the framework of the Spiritual Impulse program.


At the beginning of the meeting, Bishop Bohdan Dzyurakh congratulated the priests of the Exarchate who celebrated their anniversaries. The bishop also thanked Fr. Andriy Dmytryk for his long service in the government of the chancellor of the Exarchate and read the certificate about the right to wear a golden pectoral cross.

The first speaker was Fr. Vasyl Hovhera, who ministers in Belgium. In his speech, the priest noted that success in ministry depends on how well the pastor knows his people. According to the speaker, it is necessary to study the history of the life of the parishes in order to understand the national, cultural, and spiritual aspects, taking into account how one can be successful in their priestly ministry.

The next speaker was Nazar Duda, Ph.D. in theology, director of the UCU Catechetical-Pedagogical Institute. He presented the training program for catechists, noting that the effectiveness of the catechetical program does not depend on the program itself, which the catechist has mastered, but on the person who conducts it.

Bishop Bohdan encouraged the priests to be active in their pastoral care, stressing that the war not only brings many challenges but also provides an opportunity for even higher service. The Exarch also encouraged the priests to take care of the catechetical materials and to make it possible for the faithful to know the word of God by making sure that the Holy Scripture is available for people to use it privately.

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by the materials of the Apostolic Exarchate in Germany and Scandinavia


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