Seventy third session of Synod of Bishops of Kyiv-Galicia Supreme Archbishopric of UGCC

Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 14:55
18-19 November, 2016 in Lviv, at Patriarchal Center was held the seventy third session of Synod of Bishops of Kyiv-Galicia Supreme Archbishopric of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, heading by His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Head and Father of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. All valid bishops of Kyiv Galicia Supreme Archbishopric participated in.

Before synodal meeting was started a seminar on issues of gender ideology had been held, organized by Theological Department of the Patriarchal Curia, heading by bishop Yaroslav Pryriz.

The main speaker at the seminar was a worldwide known writer, sociologist Gabriela Cubi. An author of such books as “My way to Mary – power of a healing faith” (1998), “Harry Potter: A global bouncing toward occult paganism” (2002), “Gender revolution – relativity in motion” (2006), “Nationalization of education: On a way to a new gender” (2007), “Global sexual revolution: ruining freedom in the name of freedom” (2012), “Gender – new ideology ruins a family” (2014) touches upon problematic issues of a modern society and shows the way to deal with them through conversion to the Christian values.

The main theme of this year Synod’s session was Penance and all aspects related to this Holy Sacrament. The main speaker at this topic was bishop Volodymyr Grutza. In presenting this topic he was assisted by fr. Pavlo Drozdiak, Maria Tsiomyk and Bohdan Troyanovskiy. After listening to the speeches, Fathers of the Synod adopted resolutions called to improve all main aspects of confession.

In the context of adapting synodal documents, a Letter of Synod of Bishops of Kyiv-Galicia Supreme Archbishopric of UGCC concerning a threat of gender ideology was reviewed and approved. It was prepared by a working group, with its head bishop Yaroslav Pryriz.

Within other themes for discussions, was heard and approved a Statement on holding the Holy Year of God’s mercy in Kyiv-Galicia Supreme Archbishopric that was compiled by bishop Bohdan Dziurakh.

The Synod listened attentively to the information about a work of Coordinating Council for pastoral care issues in critical situations, compiled by its head bishop Bohdan Manyshyn.

Fr Petro Rak, head of Department of church commissions spoke about a work of commissions of Supreme Archbishopric. Fr Rostyslav Pendiuk, head of Youth Commission presented the work of the commission, and fr Vasyl Bilash spoke about Commission of laity issues.

Members of Synod listened to the information about a mission and work of Ukrainian Catholic University, presented by fr Yuriy Sakvuk, teacher of theology at Theology and Philosophy department.

Fr Stepan Balagura reported on a usual order of setting payment for judicial expenses in the tribunals of Kyiv-Galicia Supreme Archbishopric.

Within a preparation for new jubilee celebrations next year bishop Vasyl Tuchapets reported on celebrating the following anniversaries: 400th anniversary of reforming Order of saint Basil the Great; 380th anniversary since the death of metropolitan Josyf Veliamyn Rutskiy and 150th anniversary of canonization of Saint Josaphat Kuncevytch.

Oleh Turiy, vice-rector for academic affairs of Ukrainian Catholic University reported on celebrating next year a 125th anniversary of Patriarch Josyf’s birthday.

In order to pay a due honour to 420th anniversary of the Union of Brest, Synod stated to celebrate a thankful Divine Liturgy in all churches of UGCC on December 15, 2016, praying fervently for the gift of unity of Holy Churches.

Bishop Dmytro Hryhorak reported on celebrating of 50th anniversary of restoring in the Holy Spirit and an activating spiritual deliverance and healing in our Church.

In a section of economic questions fr Roman Nebozhuk, a newly elected head of Fund spoke about a work and success of non-governmental pension fund “Pokrova”.

The seventy forth session of Synod of Bishops of Kyiv-Galicia Supreme Archbishopric of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is agreed to hold in January, 2017.

Secretariat of  Synod of Bishops

of Kyiv-Galicia Supreme Archbishopric of UGCC


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