Representatives of the Anti-Crisis Center of the UGCC told the priests of the Odesa Exarchate about ways to counter the spread of the coronavirus

Sunday, 25 October 2020, 21:19
Representatives of the UGCC Anti-Crisis Center, as part of formation courses for the clergy of the Odesa Exarchate, told the pastors about possible ways to counter the spread of the coronavirus and reminded them of the need to make churches a safe place for the faithful. The online conversation took place on October 22, 2020 at the invitation of Bishop Mykhailo Bubniy, Exarch of Odesa.

The UGCC Anti-Crisis Center was represented by Fr. Lubomyr Yavorsky, patriarchal economist and head of the center, sr. Sevastiana Karvatska, Chair of the UGCC Commission on Health Pastoral Care, and Ms. Natalia Timko-Ivanchenko, Chief Epidemiologist of the Lviv Region.

In her speech to the clergy of the Odesa Exarchate, the chief epidemiologist of Lviv region spoke about the course of Covid-19 disease, named the main symptoms of the disease and advised how to reduce the risk of infection with the virus through personal safety. She also provided statistics on the spread of the virus and stressed the importance of complying with all regulations and norms set by the state. Ms. Natalia stressed the role of the Church in preventing the spread of Covid-19, drawing attention to the need to remind the faithful to comply with all sanitary norms.

Sister Sevastiana spoke about the ministry of medical chaplains and mentioned the challenges they face. She noted the need to mobilize all priests for the care of the sick. "Today, all clergy must be ready to perform this chaplaincy. It is the responsibility of each of us to take care of the sick, just as we did at the beginning of the war in eastern Ukraine, when the whole Church was mobilized,” said Sister Sevastiana.

Then Fr. Lubomyr Yavorsky presented the liturgical recommendations developed by the UGCC Anti-Crisis Center and stressed the need to follow them. The head of the UGCC Anti-Crisis Center expressed hope that the churches of the Odesa Exarchate, as well as the whole Church, would be a safe place for people who come to pray. However, according to him, it is necessary to keep clean not only the temples, but also the way of performing the Holy Sacraments.


The UGCC Department for Information


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