Pope Francis:"A statesman speculates neither God’s name nor his people"

Thursday, 06 February 2014, 15:37
Do not use God and the people for self-defence in a difficult time, and always choose the way of presenting yourselves to the Lord - called Pope Francis during a homily, spoken in the residence chapel of the "St. Martha’s House" on Monday, February 3, 2014 . In his homily, he described the biblical story about Absalom’s rebellion against his father David.

King David is going through the testing by "great betrayal ". The cause of his sorrow is the fact that people also rebelled against the king. So what is his behaviour in the face of filial betrayal? First of all, as the preacher said, David, a statesman, «assesses the reality as it is" realizing that the war can be brutal, bringing many deaths, and therefore "decides not to cause the death of his people. "He could fight the army of his son in Jerusalem, but decided not to destroy the Holy City. So as the preacher said, to defend, David does neither abuse of God nor his people, which is an expression of his love for God and his people. It is reported by Ukrainian Service of Vatican Radio.

Determined to escape, King David makes the next repentant step. He goes to the mountain "crying", taking down his shoes and all the people who were with him commit a penitential way. The Holy Father said that during this repentance king could think of many different things, about his numerous sins, knowing that he also is not "innocent." Obviously, his son’s treachery is not fair, but he also realizes that he is not holy and therefore chooses the path of repentance.

"David - concluded the Pope - agrees to mourning and weeps. When something like that happens in our life, we always instinctively try to make excuses. David, by contrast, is not justified himself, he is - a realist, so he tries to keep God's ark, his people and goes through the repentant way. He is a great man: a big sinner and a great saint. How do these two things can be combined? Only God knows it! "

During this penitential march another event occurred. Semey, a relative of King Saul came out towards David, cursing him and throwing stones at him and those who accompanied him. One of David's friends wanted to kill this man, but the king stopped him, choosing to entrust everything into God's hands instead of vengeance. "Maybe the Lord - he says – will take pity on my grief and give me good for today's curse."

The Holy Father noted that David's example can help us, who often experience the moments of darkness and trial: "It is encouraging to hear and see these three items: a man who loves God, loves his people and does not haggle them, a man who knows he is a sinner and repents, a man who is sure of his God and trusts him. David is holy; we honour him as a saint. Let us ask him to teach us a way of understanding and way in the difficult moments of life", - concluded the Pope Francis.


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