Philadelphia Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy Chancery Staff Welcomes New Metropolitan-Archbishop Borys Gudziak

Wednesday, 06 March 2019, 12:51
Philadelphia, Pa.—Friday morning, March 1, while a graceful cascade of white snowflakes gently fell to the ground, the Chancery staff of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy welcomed the new Metropolitan-Archbishop the Most Reverend Borys Gudziak to the archieparchial pastoral center.

Standing in front of a banner reading, “Welcome, Metropolitan Borys” in both English and Ukrainian, featuring the Ukrainian colors of blue and gold,  Bishop Andriy Rabiy offered a warm welcome to Archbishop Borys, as he was presented with the traditional greeting of bread and salt and a bouquet of sunflowers.

After the welcome, Archbishop Borys met with the staff in the Chancery Conference room for an informal get-together.  During this time, he briefly shared his goals for the archeparchy and also asked the staff members for their prayers and to express what their expectations were of an archbishop.

Some of his thoughts included how he wanted to lead the archeparchy as a holy and spiritual shepherd, who would inspire the presbyterate, the religious and the laity, the entire archeparchy, to grow in and reflect this holiness.  For the church, for the world, in this age, we need to become a holy and spiritual presence to inspire all to live a life of goodness as we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and do His will in the world.

He also said “I want to be a good listener and I want you to be my teachers.”

He reflected on two qualities his mother impressed upon him and instilled in him, qualities of kindness and gentleness, character traits which he hopes will be evident in his relationships with the clergy, religious and the laity.

The new spiritual shepherd of the Philadelphia Archeparchy, a native of Syracuse, New York was named to this hierarchical position by Pope Francis on Monday, February 18, 2019. At the time of his appointment he was serving as the Eparch of St. Vladimir the Great Eparchy of Paris.

He will be formally enthroned Tuesday, June 4, 2019 in the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception here in Philadelphia.

Auxiliary Bishop Andriy Rabiy has been serving as apostolic administrator of the archeparchy since his appointment by Pope Francis after the Holy Father accepted the resignation for health reasons of Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka on Monday, April 16, 2018.


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