Over 175 faithful gathered in front of the White House to offer prayers for peace in Ukraine

Thursday, 10 February 2022, 15:04
Over 175 faithful from the US Capital Region Catholic, Orthodox, and other Christian Churches gathered at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House to offer prayers for peace in Ukraine. Seven area clergy led the faithful in praying and singing the Moleben of the Mother of God and praying for her to extend her mantle of Holy Protection over Ukraine and its people. Petitions that angels of peace protect and guide the people during these critical times were prayed.

Fr. Robert Hitchens, the local protopresbyter and parish priest of the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family and Saints Joachim and Anna Church, in his remarks noted, “We are here today for 2 purposes.  First, that we are praying for peace, and second, we bear witness that we are with our sisters and brothers in Ukraine — they are not forgotten and they are not alone.”

Fr. Hitchens also read a statement from Archbishop Borys Gudziak who is abroad in Ukraine. 

The Metropolitan wrote:

Reverend fathers, dear sisters and brothers! From Lviv I thank you on behalf of all Ukrainians for your prayer and solidarity. After eight years of invasive war, 14,000 deaths, 1.5 million internal refugees, tens of thousands of injured and traumatized veterans, millions of people with post traumatic shock syndrome Ukrainians are faced with an escalated invasion. In the month of January there have been 1000 false bomb threats.

All Lviv schools have been evacuated three times in this past month. Hybrid war does not spare the hearts and souls of children. It instrumentalizes them.

The solidarity and support of the global community is of crucial significance at this time of great danger. Let us continue to beseech God. May the prince of peace reign in Ukraine. Let us continue to inform the world about the true facts in Ukraine. And let us do everything we can to address the needs of the freedom loving people of this new democracy. I embrace you as you embrace Ukraine with your prayers.



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