Ministry of Social Policy asks for lists of people to distribute 15 tons of humanitarian aid among them

Sunday, 09 February 2014, 15:14
For several days Stefan Batrukh, a Greek Catholic priest from Poland, has been trying to get customs clearance for the humanitarian aid for needy Ukrainians. The aid was donated by the Poles to the parish of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Kyiv.

Father Stefan said that was his second attempt to deliver aid from Poland to needy parishioners. First, tax collectors did not let him cross the border with the load, explaining that the religious organization of the UGCC "The Parish of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary" was not on the list of organizations that are eligible to receive aid. Therefore, for over a week Father Stefan was looking for a registered charity organization that would agree to receive the aid and then pass it to the parish. As he said, it was difficult to find such an organization because today all charities are afraid to deal with the Ukrainian Customs and the Ministry of Social Policy.

         Second, the priest managed to take the humanitarian aid through customs, but after that three customs officers were dismissed. Now the humanitarian load is in Kyiv waiting for the goodwill of the Ministry of Social Policy.

         "Most organizations, which I dealt with, are scared and afraid of pressure from the Ministry of Social Policy. They wait for customs clearance for humanitarian aid for months and few only manage to get it. Our issue is just the top of the whole problem ... When we were organizing this humanitarian aid, we did not know what scenario the Ukrainian authorities use to subdue the most vulnerable stratum of the Ukrainian society. What I have seen here shows that the Ukrainian authorities deliberately block humanitarian aid for the needy Ukrainians. It is done in the same way as during the Holodomor in Ukraine. In my opinion, they are trying to drive the vulnerable stratum of the society to even bigger impoverishment so that during the next elections they would be ready to vote for a kilo of buckwheat, "- said the priest.

         Father Stefan claims that several weeks ago an oral directive on no customs clearance for any humanitarian aid was issued in the Ministry of Social Policy. "The whole situation seems extremely cynical as the state institution, the Ministry of Social Policy, existing on people's taxes in order to protect them deliberately poses obstacles to satisfying people's basic needs. The State of Ukraine is not able to provide its people with proper social minimum. Therefore, it should simplify the procedure of giving aid to the needy people as much as possible, and not at all hinder it, "- said the father .

         Now the Ministry of Social Policy demands lists of particular people who are to receive the aid. All things must be counted: the name of an object, quantity, value, weight, unit price and total price. Father Stefan considers such requirements inappropriate, since the weight of the aid is 15 tons and on the list there are more than three thousand sweaters, over two thousand jackets... And the Ministry demands the name of everyone to receive the aid.

Father Stefan was asked for a receipt that the aid would not go to Maydan. Of course, the priest gave none since the aid is for those who need it.



UGCC Department of Information


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