Metropolitan Borys Gudziak presents Zelensky with a book by his favorite author

Saturday, 25 September 2021, 22:03
UGCC Metropolitan Borys Gudziak took part in a meeting of the Ukrainian community of the United States in New York with Volodymyr Zelensky.
According to the Metropolitan, the president made a speech and presented state awards to representatives of the community.

"The format of the meeting did not provide for questions and answers, but there was still an opportunity to present the president of Ukraine and the first lady with the book "Ukrainian Diaries" by Fr. Henry Nowen, who was my friend and mentor and profoundly influenced the formation of the foundations on which the current Ukrainian Catholic University stood," said the hierarch of the UGCC.

"Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Fr. Henry to his father’s house," he added.

As it was earlier reported, after an online lecture at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, answering questions from students, Metropolitan Borys Gudziak of the UGCC listed the books to read. First of all, it is the Holy Scriptures, which Vladyka Boris advised to start with the Gospel of Mark, then come Shevchenko and Henry Nowen.

"I will offer you one such author who has had a great influence in my life. This Is Henry Nowen. The publishing house "Svichado "published his book, which is called Return of the Prodigal Son". This is a spiritual reflection on the parable of Christ, on the relationship between a father and two sons. You probably know this parable. Rembrandt dedicated one of his most mature paintings to it while already at such an advanced age, having experienced various family tragedies himself. And Fr Henry, based on this parable and Rembrandt’s painting, which is in St. Petersburg, thinks about his personal spiritual life and the spiritual life of a modern person," Bishop Borys told the students.

Henry Nowen is a world-renowned preacher, author of many well-known books on spiritual topics, professor and pastor. He visited Ukraine twice – in 1993 and 1994. These visits had a significant impact on the development of the faith and light and Larsh communities in Ukraine, which support people with disabilities, as well as other lay initiatives.

Henry Nowen’s book "Ukrainian Diaries", the document presented by the UGCC Metropolitan to Zelensky consists of Father Henry’s personal notes, which he made during two trips to Ukraine. These are deep and touching reflections on Ukraine and Ukrainians, which today come to the reader thanks to the brother of Father Henry – Laurent Nowen.


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