I advise you to start changes in the country with yourself, - Metropolitan Borys Gudziak

Tuesday, 31 August 2021, 23:41
Metropolitan of the UGCC, head of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in the United States, President of the UCU and moral authority Borys Gudziak believes that in order to have a successful country, every Ukrainian should start changes with themselves.

his was said in an interview with "Left Bank" as part of the special project "Lessons of Independence".

"One must have a good vision, good power, and preferably always. But there is an expression saying that a newly consecrated priest wants to change the world, after five years of service – to influence his parish, and after fifty – to somehow influence at least himself. So, we need to change the country, we need to change the government, but I advise you to start by changing yourself. Restore relationships with loved ones, forgive someone, throw a stone from your heart and get rid of some resentment. Some things are simple, but not easy at all.

We can fix some relations in society, but this will not happen by Magic and the Tsar-father will not do it. It depends on everyone. On the Maidan, Ukrainians felt concrete acts of simple love: to feed someone, to shelter someone, to warm someone. Helping those in need is never a mistake," Bishop Borys emphasizes.

According to him, young people in Ukraine have a thirst, a thirst to do something. They sometimes want more, learn more, win more, overcome more obstacles:

"My assistant in France, a Frenchwoman, said that "young people came from Ukraine and want something, and their peers in France are often confused, have a lot, but do not know what they want from life... I believe that most of the population of Ukraine will want to live differently, Ukraine will be able to make leaps forward. I think we will be led by the younger generation. Unless, of course, he becomes cynical," the Metropolitan added.




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