For the first time, mothers of Ukrainian Heroes climbed Hoverla in memory of their sons

Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 10:26
On May 16, the mothers of the fallen Ukrainian Heroes in memory of their sons climbed the highest peak of Ukraine – Mount Hoverla.

The event was held within the project of the Department of Military Chaplaincy of the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC "Three-year program of psychological care and social rehabilitation of war victims in eastern Ukraine" and is timed to Mother's Day and Heroes' Day, which is celebrated in May.

Mothers of fallen soldiers from different regions of Ukraine took part in the action. The spiritual and psychological support of the group was provided by the military chaplain of the UGCC, Fr. Rostyslav Vysochan. After climbing two thousand sixty-one meters, the strong-minded women thanked God for the opportunity to make such an important journey that helped them feel the presence of their sons.

“We have been cherishing this initiative for a long time, and we have done it! We are unbreakable, we are strong both in body and spirit, our children have raised the bar very high. We are the best and the strongest!” said Natalia Kharchenko, the mother of a fallen soldier from Kyiv.

The women thanked the organizers of the event and each other for their impressions and agreed to create a tradition of climbing to new heights in the future.


Press Center of the UGCC Department for Military Chaplaincy



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