For the first time in Ukraine the web – documentary will tell about His Beatitude Lyubomyr (Guzar)

Saturday, 28 December 2013, 21:00
His Beatitude Lubomyr Gusar will become a hero of Ukraine's first interactive movie. The co-authors and co-producers of this innovative project will be the audience.

The innovative project about the prominent spiritual leader of the present days was blessed by  His Beatitude Svyatoslav, the Head of the UGCC: "The world in which we live today , it is very often the world of sinister ideas , the world of limitation, and at the same time the world of vile people. We sometimes have a narrow look at ourselves, at those who are close to us and we do not notice the greatness of simplicity, and as a result  great people fall out of our sight. I believe that this film will allow us to expand our horizons and see the great man who is now among us. This man - His Beatitude Lyubomyr. So I invite all of you to see the big man beside you "- said the current leader of the Greek Catholics in a special video message on the website.

The initiator and producer of the documentary project " Lyubomyr " is a production company Screen Media Ukraine. The project involves the composer Valentyn Silvestrov .The  co-author and co-producer of the film can be anyone who feels the spiritual need to contribute to the  documentary memory of His Beatitude Lyubomyr.The funding for the project will be carried out directly by future spectators (by  crowdfunding or common expense).

" We make the movie together. Each hryvnya, each photograph or memory is a small particle of a large project .The creation of the film by the community is a unique precedent. We hope that together we will really make a necessary  deal both for the present and for the future generations , "- said the producer of the documentary " Lyubomyr "Pavlo Kazantsev.

The current format of the web documentary film will allow everyone to choose the sequence and scope of review. In the real-time web platform the crew’s collected  stories of heroes, experts’ opinions , historical researches , archival footage and documents will appear. Using interactive tools you will be able to upload your own project materials, offer locations for filming , themes for interview. The project will be available in modern browsers and applications to mobile devices.

The documentary project " Lyubomyr " - is the Ukraine's first project as a web-documentary.The creative group of the documentary " Liubomyr " invites to share videos , photos, memories associated with the figure of His Beatitude Liubomyr .

"Our project is about the hope of humanity that is present in today's life and in a calm and wise words of Cardinal Lyubomyr Gusar. We want to explore the phenomenon of the man and understand who he is for Ukraine : the exception or the bearer of the tradition , "- said ​​the author of the idea and screenwriter of the project Lesya Kharchenko.

The first expedition of the project " Lyubomyr " begins tomorrow ,on  December 26th. The authorial group will visit places of His Beatitude Lyubomyr’s childhood .

You can follow the project on the web site and in social networks.

Roksolana Shkil, Editor of the project


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