«Charity affairs should be done with mercy», - Pope Francis

Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 15:08
Jesus chose the path of devotion and love and with his life has shown us that love does not come to the help for the sake of soothing the conscience. It is unselfishness, lifestyle, and the only path that leads to it - is humility and solidarity.

It was said by the Pope Francis during a meeting in the Cathedral of Cagliari with the poor who get help from the local organization  "Caritas " and some prisoners from the city jail . The meeting was held on Sunday, September 22, 2013, during a visit to the Italian island region of Sardinia where the Pope made a pilgrimage to the Marian Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary di Bonaria in Cagliari.

The Holy Father noted that the word "solidarity" is disappearing from our vocabulary these days, because   "it causes inconvenience ".  Why? " Because it obliges you to look at the other person and give yourself to him with love "  - said the Pope Francis . "Besides - he went on - Christ's humility - is not a sentiment , it is real, manifesting itself through a decision to become small, to be with the smallest  and rejected, to come to us, sinners ," - said the Ukrainian service of Radio " Vatican ".

But it is not enough to contemplate on Jesus, you have to follow Him. Jesus came not to appear, he is a path that should be covered. In this context, the Pope thanked everyone who dedicated his life to the charity affairs, encouraging them to be enduring on this way.

"We cannot follow Jesus on the way of love - he added - if, above all, we do not live in harmony with each other, if we do not to try to cooperate together, to understand each other, to forgive others, acknowledging our limitations and mistakes." In addition, the "Charity affairs should be done with mercy." Pope condemned such things as neglect of the poor during the help providing or using those, who are in need to achieve their goals.

In conclusion, the Pope also brought it to notice that following Jesus means to sow hope, which is in need of modern society. This should be done at all levels, in all its objectives in this sphere. Someone has a duty to do so in the political and civil spheres, but each of us - in works of solidarity.

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