Charitable fund The Universe together with Knights of Columbus at UGCC gave out medical ventilators to a local hospital № 3 in Poltava

Saturday, 14 November 2020, 18:06
The director of “The Universe” and the senior priest of The Holy Trinity Church in Poltava, Fr. Yuriy Krolevskiy are heartily glad of the Christian initiative of his parishioners and all people who contributed to this thing.

Considering the value of a medical ventilator which is 364, 600 UAH, plenty of organizations and enterprises contributed to the collection of funds.

A co-founder of the CF “The Universe” and a chancellor of “Knights of Columbus” center in Poltava Taras Podoliak was personally responsible for collecting financial resources.


A Charitable fund “The Universe” was founded in 2013 with the engagement of the parishioners of The Holy Trinity Church of the UGCC and active citizens of Poltava.

With the beginning of war in Donbas, “The Universe” provided militaries in ATO zone with help, also supporting wounded soldiers and forced migrants and all those who are in need due to military operations in Eastern Ukraine.

Since 2015 CF “The Universe” has been collaborating with Germany, delivering necessary humanitarian aid.

Press service of the Holy Trinity Church of the UGCC in Poltava  

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