Bishop Mykola Bychok met with the ceo of Caritas in Australia

Monday, 14 February 2022, 13:12
On February 14, Bishop Mykola Bychok, Eparch of Melbourne, held a Zoom Meeting with Mr. Kirsty Robertson, CEO of Caritas Australia. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Richard Landels, Head of Caritas Australia, and Fr. Simon Ckuj, Protosyncellus of the Eparchy of Melbourne.

In his speech, Bishop Mykola said: “First of all, today I would like to thank Caritas of Australia for its long-term cooperation with the Eparchy of Melbourne and Caritas of Ukraine. For the 8th year in a row, our nation has been suffering from a war on the eastern border. As a result, we have more than 1.5 million migrants, about 15,000 victims and about 400,000 veterans. This is a deep wound among our people that needs to be healed.”

Later Fr. Simon spoke about the beginnings of the establishment of Caritas in Ukraine, where the current Bishop Kenneth Novakovsky, Eparch of London, made a significant contribution. Today, the ministry of this organization in Ukraine is present in almost every corner of Ukraine to help people in need. The necessary assistance was emphasized.

As the situation in Ukraine is currently very tense, Ms. Kirsty asked how they could help Ukraine. The meeting was organized at the request of Bishop Mykola.


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