Bishop Mykola Bychok, celebrated his first Divine Liturgy in the Melbourne Eparchy Cathedral

Tuesday, 22 June 2021, 14:17
Bishop Mykola Bychok, together with Bishop Peter Stasiuk, celebrated his first Divine Liturgy in the Melbourne Eparchy Cathedral on Sunday the 20th of June with the participation of the deacons and priests of the cathedral. Before liturgy, there was a ceremonial procession from the Bishop’s chancery to the church, where the faithful greeted the two bishops in the entrance of the cathedral and then solemn Pontifical Divine Liturgy commenced.

Commencing the sermon to the faithful, the Bishop reminded all that, exactly one year before on the feast of Pentecost, his consecration took place in the ProtoCathedral in Lviv. Due to quarantine restrictions that were in place, many people could not attend; however, todays Feast of Pentecost is being celebrated in the Melbourne Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul where, unfortunately, only 75 people can be in attendance. Praise be to God for everything!

Bishop Mykola also noted that “today is our Pentecost, for we have in the sacrament of Confirmation each received the Holy Spirit. The feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit is also the birth of the Church. The Church is not only a building, but first of all is “living stones”, which we all are and we all have our mission and calling. However, the principal calling for each one of us is to witness to God with our life and our example. We are to speak of God so that others can say” What can this be?” (Acts2.12).

At the conclusion of the solemn Divine Liturgy, the bishops together with the deacons and priests celebrated panachyda for all fallen heroes for the freedom of Ukraine. According to an old custom, a lecture was presented about the struggle for independence of Ukraine and her heroes. At length, all gathered in the parish hall for a dinner, where there was a chance to get better acquainted with the new bishop.


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