Archbishop-Emeritus His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar) presented a new audio book Society and Law

Thursday, 25 April 2013, 21:31
On April 24th in the Kyiv YE Bookstore, a presentation of a new audio book by Archbishop-Emeritus His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar) Society and Law took place. This is the third edition of the second trilogy of audio books by His Beatitude Lubomyr.

On April 24th in the Kyiv YE Bookstore, a presentation of a new audio book by Archbishop-Emeritus His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar) Society and Law took place.  This is the third edition of the second trilogy of audio books by His Beatitude Lubomyr.

The audio book Society and Law has a format of questions and answers. The spiritual leader of Ukraine answers, in particular, questions dealing with the meaning of law in the life of society, about who has priority in law:  the person or the law, about human rights and permissiveness, about God’s law and the freedom of man, about judges and convicts and about the rights of citizens to physical opposition.  Questions to the author are posed by Tamara Smovzhenko, rector of the Banking University of the National Bank of Ukraine, a doctor of economic studies, a professor.  An introduction is provided by Petro Stetsiuk, a judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, candidate of jurisprudence. 

During the presentation, His Beatitude Lubomyr thanked Rev. Ihor Yatsiv, head of UGCC Department of Information for his suggestion of an audio book format and for his assistance in realizing the project.  He also thanked Ms. Tamara, who according to His Beatitude, “took on the lion’s share of the work.”  “It is much easier to answer questions than to pose them,” said the author.  He also thanked Judge Petro Stetsiuk. 

“The law is primarily an agent of education, if the law is well-thought out.  And it is only in the process of its enactment that it guarantees a normal, dignified         co-existence of people.  I want people to understand that a law should not exist to burden people.  The law should guarantee freedom to people,” stated the author at the presentation.

In answering the questions from the audience why the Church as an institution does not intrude itself into lawlessness which often occurs in Ukraine, the former UGCC Head noted that the Church does not have the ability to punish or to introduce any sanctions.  “A normal person should accept the fact that the Church passes on the Word of God.  Law is not a human product.  The concept of “law” itself is from God.

The Church cannot force people even to follow God’s law; it encourages them to do it, it attempts to remind them. The Church has to show the beauty of the law.  On this the role of the Church ends. One, who disregards the law of God, will pay for it sooner or later, argued Ukraine’s spiritual leader.

According to him, no state in the world grants citizens a hundred percent of their rights, especially also Ukraine:  “I am not a lawyer, I am a citizen.  And my impression is that, on the one hand, the rulers in Ukraine do not give enough attention to a very, very difficult task – writing good laws.  On the other hand, our people have yet not become convinced that it is worthwhile for them to obey the law, respect the law, live according to the law.  Both the law-givers and the

law-receivers have yet to be educated.  For this, time is needed, since we lived during a time of lawlessness.  The spirit of lawlessness still exists.”

Ms. Tamara Smovzhenko said that in working with His Beatitude Lubomyr, she was struck by “the logic of his thinking.”  Questions, posed by her, were prepared in particular by students of the Banking University and members of the women’s group “Arinka.”  “I think that when you listen to this book, you will discover in it answers for many different questions: how to live, how to build Ukraine, how to relate to one another,” noted the rector.

The judge of the Constitutional Court found the author’s thoughts on what law should be as very interesting.  “Law is an aide for people to appropriately order their peaceful life in society,” he quotes from the book.  Petro Stetsiak notes the Archbishop’s words that the laws should be written very carefully and very wisely, because unfortunately he often comes across the fact people do not consider  the laws in effect as just.  The speaker voiced his joy that such a book has appeared.  It will especially be very useful for youth in order to let them become disillusioned in the field of laws in our land.  The judge is convinced that the worldview of His Beatitude Lubomyr deserves to be listened to.

Audio book Society and Law is available in the network of YE Bookstores

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