UCCRO Appeal regarding safety during religious holidays

Friday, 15 April 2022, 22:18
Appeal of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations regarding safety during religious holidays

This year, according to the Western church calendar, Christians celebrate Easter on April 17, and according to the Eastern church calendar, on April 24. From the evening of April 15 to the evening of April 23, Jews celebrate Passover. Until the end of April, Muslims celebrate the fasting month of Ramadan.

As representatives of the religious community of Ukraine, we appeal to stop the shelling of cities and villages in Ukraine and to slow down offensive hostilities, at least for the duration of the sacred days for all three religions.

We are convinced that if there is a desire and goodwill, the russian side, within the framework of the ongoing negotiation process and in contact with competent representatives of Ukraine, could reach agreements that would provide civilians of Ukraine the opportunity to meet and celebrate the next sacred days without shelling and risk to their lives.

May the Almighty God inspire with wisdom and mercy all those on whom the solution of this issue depends.   

Kyiv, 15 April 2022


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