God’s truth will prevail: How the Ukrainian Catholic Metropolia of Philadelphia helps Ukrainians during the war?

Tuesday, 19 July 2022, 11:29
Tons of humanitarian aid and medicaments, financial support, and billions who pray for peace in Ukraine. It has already been the fifth month of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people against the Russian occupiers. Ukraine has persevered. Ukraine stands thanks to the courage of the Ukrainian military, tireless volunteers, and all those who despite destruction and thousands of casualties continuously help to bring victory closer. We are grateful to the global community for its solidarity with Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Catholic Church in the USA is one of the biggest donors who support UCU humanitarian relief efforts from the first days of the war. During February-May 2022, thanks to the generous support of the Humanitarian Aid Fund of the Ukrainian Catholic Metropolia of Philadelphia, the Ukrainian Catholic University provided assistance to people who are suffering from the war in Ukraine in the amount of $1,484,779.0078% was spent on medical needs, 21% on food, and the remaining funds were spent on logistics and other expenses related to the provision of humanitarian aid.

The Volunteering and Help Center and the Wings of Hope Charitable Foundation remain key partners in providing medications, medical and tactical supplies, as well as in the purchase and transfer of the most necessary food products to those in need throughout Ukraine.

During his visit to Lviv Archbishop Borys Gudziak, Metropolitan of the Philadelphia Archeparchy, visited the Volunteering and Help Center. The Center located in Lviv has become one of the biggest humanitarian aid organizations in Ukraine.

“There is a big world of donors like you who open their hearts to people in Ukraine. To people who are fighting for freedom, who are protecting the innocent and God-given human dignity. From the people here we want to thank you! In this time of trial you extended a hand and helped. This is for the long haul but God’s truth will prevail,” noted the Archbishop.  

Rev. Prof. Daniel Groody, CSC, Associate Professor of Theology and Global Affairs, Vice President and associate provost for undergraduate affairs at the University of Notre Dame, Rafał Dutkiewicz mayor of Wroclaw (2002-2018), member of the UCU Senate and his wife Anna Dutkiewicz, and Ben Wortham, Vice President of Behavioral Health Integration, Catholic Charities USA, visited the Volunteering and Help Center together with Archbishop Borys.  





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